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Rear casing for agricultural machinery

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McConnel Ltd, wanted to source a cost effective and durable solution for the rear casing on one of their market leading remote controlled mower systems due to supply and performance issues with the original composite part.

Unifabs experienced in-house design team reviewed the designs, and after close consultation with the customer, altered the makeup of the part to allow for it to be manufactured in a cost-effective and repeatable manner.

The complex part required two operators to fold and form the product. Following the design review we were able to reduce it to just one operator. Due to the complex nature of folding required, break-off tabs were added to aid the operator and speed up folding. To ensure repeatable consistency, jigs were designed for integration with the robot welder, allowing for the part to be fully welded via the robot. A prototype was produced and a further opportunity to remove a visible weld was identified. 

Unifabs were able to successfully replicate the composite product in a cost-effective manner producing a much more durable casing, and ultimately enhancing the end-product. 

Utilising jigs and robotic welding, we were able to transform the end product and solve supply and performance issues for our customer.

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Car panel storage stillages

Key facts

  • Led to further orders for a new model
  • Design for manufacture service
  • Robotic welding solution
  • Prototyping benefits
  • Successful replication of product

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