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Fabrication and Welding

MIG, TIG and spot welding services that transform individual components into high quality welded assemblies for a wide range of applications.

UK sheet metal fabrication services

Our Fabrication Centre is where we turn individual components into welded assemblies, and houses our welding bays, linnishing area, spot welding equipment and automatic saw.

We specialise in medium to high volume production welding in mild steel, zintec, aluminium and fabrication of stainless steel.

Whatever your welding requirement we have the expertise and equipment to assist. Working 24 hours per day, our experienced welding team produces high quality sheet metal fabrications for a wide range of applications, ranging from simple to complex, in a variety of sizes, and for an array of market sectors.

Fabrication and welding

Transform your individual components into welded assemblies. We deliver a range of fabrication and welding services including MIG welding, TIG welding, Spot welding and robotic welding.

Cost effective welding and fabrication services

Although we do offer welding as a stand alone service where required, more often components produced in our Sheet Metal Centre or on our automatic saws feed our Fabrication Centre with parts. Customers benefit from utilising a range of services in turn providing immediate cost-savings. 

Service Gallery

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zintec
  • Aluminium

Sheet size

0000 x 0000mm

Material thickness

up to and including 0mm

  • 12 x MIG/TIG Welders
  • Spot Welding Machine
  • Separate Linishing Area
  • Robotic Welding

Fabrication services that transform individual components into high quality welded assemblies.

Types of manual welding processes

Our skilled welding team ensure the highest quality consistent welds are achieved utilising three different manual welding processes to attain maximum strength and durability with the best appearance. The type of process used is dependent on the product, material and finish required.   

Fanuc robotic welder improves quality and repeatability of welded products at Unifabs

Single cell and twin cell robotic welding

Robotic MIG and TIG welding with our Six-axis Fanuc ARC Mate 110iC (twin cell) and Six-axis Fanuc AM100id (single cell) set up delivers cost-effective, high quality, repeatable welding.

Everything you need to know about Welding

Here is an overview of questions that we are most commonly asked.

In simple terms, welding is the joining together of two parts using a filler material and heat. The filler is heated until it melts and pools between the two objects resulting in a strong join between the parts.

MIG welding (metal inert gas welding) is the process of joining pieces of metal together through the use of electricity. An electrical arc is created between an electrode wire and the metal that is being welded. The electrical arc melts the wire which pools between the two pieces. Once it has cooled it solidifies and the weld is created. At the same time, a shielding gas is used to protect the weld pool and remove any atmospheric gases that would weaken the weld. MIG welding is a fast and versatile method suitable for joining a variety of metals of thin to medium thicknesses.

TIG welding (Tungsten inert gas welding) is another process of joining metals together through electricity. An electrical arc is created between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the metal being welded. The high melting point of tungsten electrodes means that they don't melt during the process. Instead the arc melts the metal being welded along with a separate rod of filler metal to form a weld bead. At the same time an inert shielding gas (typically argon, an argon mixture or helium) is used to protect the weld pool from the air. Once the heat is removed the pool cools and solidifies and the weld is complete. This clean and versatile welding method is suitable for a wide range of metals. TIG welding is good for tricky shapes and corners, where welds will be visible, or where finish is important.

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