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CNC Punching

Accurate and repeatable, from the simplest of perforations to more demanding, intricate punching, discover how we support businesses with CNC punching requirements.

Delivering the benefits of CNC Punching to our customers

Our CNC punching facility is equipped with high-speed Amada CNC punching machines which excel at producing medium to high volume runs of repeating parts with repeating detail. And, with automated ‘lights-out’  abilities our customers benefit from exceptional productivity, efficiency and cost-effective manufacturing, helping you to get your components and products to market quickly.   

Exceptional efficiency and output in production

Automation is key in maximising output and efficiency in production. All of the CNC punching machines at Unifabs are paired with automated load/offload cells to optimise production.  

Ultimate flexibility in sheet metal manufacturing  

In addition to CNC punching to create a flat component, we are also able to offer 3D forms in the material including louvres, dimples, embossed logos and features as well as tapping and countersinking in situ, producing high-quality, precision components. 

We utilise the most appropriate, cost-effective and efficient method of manufacture for each product. With the punch/laser combination at Unifabs we are able to deliver unmatched performance, punching, forming, tapping and laser cutting on one machine to eliminate the need for secondary operations. 

Service Gallery

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Pre-Galv
  • Zintec
  • Copper

Sheet size

3000 x 1500mm

Material thickness

up to and including 3mm

  • Amada Automated Punching (AE2510 NT) with SheetCAT loading system
  • Amada Punch Laser Combination (EML3610NT 4KW)
  • Amada Togu III Auto Tool grinding

Our CNC punching machines offer the very best in punching technology for reliability and flexibility.

(EML3610NT 4KW) with MP 6T loading system with tapping head

Incorporating the latest advances in punching and laser cutting technology, the EML NT combines Amada’s revolutionary EM (Electric Motor) punching technology with the reliability of Amada’s hybrid laser motion system. The result is one of the most productive fabricating machines on the market delivering unequalled precision and flexibility.

Amadas AE-NT turret punch press features a large capacity turret in a small footprint, delivering stable, high-speed, high quality processing of the most demanding production. 

We understand the importance of tool maintenance to ensure the finest quality punched parts. The Amada Togu is the perfect accompaniment to our CNC punching machines. The automatic tool sharpener purposely designed for high quality sharpening of sheet metal tools keeps them in optimal condition, maximises tool life and ensures quality punched holes.  

Everything you need to know about CNC Punching

Here is an overview of questions that we are most commonly asked.

The process of creating a hole or form in a sheet of metal by applying enough force to either create an indent or sheer through the material.

A wide variety of materials can be used in CNC punching machines; from metals like steel and aluminium to plastic, wood and more.

CNC punches are versatile. Punched holes are typically simple geometric shapes for example a circle or rectangle but more complex shapes or patterns can be produced by using multiple hits and tools, overlapping geometries or through custom tooling for more specialist requirements, making CNC punching a flexible and cost-effective method of sheet metal manufacture.

Design to delivery, adding value at every stage

Discover how we partner with businesses to add value and bring products to life.

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