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Celebrating Success: New Leadership Team for 2024

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Unifabs Employees promoted to Leadership Team
Thursday, January 25th, 2024

Posted in Team | Posted by Jenny Millington

At Unifabs, we believe in recognising and nurturing talent within our business. Today, we are thrilled to announce the promotion of three individuals to the role of Director, forming a new leadership team at Unifabs Ltd. It is with great excitement that we celebrate this milestone. We know that their expertise and leadership will have a positive impact on our company, employees, and stakeholders.

Leadership team announcements:

Andy Tuck as Sales Director:

With a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, Andy has consistently proven himself as a valuable asset to our team. Through his dedication and strategic approach, Andy has successfully strengthened relationships with our customers and partners and played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth. As our new Sales Director, Andy will lead our sales team to even greater strengths, ensuring that strategies align with customer expectations and industry trends. With his guidance, we are confident in delivering value to our customers, while fostering stronger partnerships in the process.

Jarek Gasiorek as Production Director:

Jarek’s journey within Unifabs has been marked by his continuous commitment and pursuit of operational excellence. Through his exceptional leadership, Jarek has been instrumental in streamlining our production processes, and improving efficiency. As Production Director, Jarek will continue to drive operational excellence, enhancing productivity, and ensuring that our manufacturing processes remain efficient and effective. His keen eye for optimising workflows and his ability to motivate those around him will undoubtedly contribute to our strategic growth and success.

Matt Grealy as Technical Director:

Matt’s technical expertise and innovative approach has been invaluable to our team. His knowledge of advanced manufacturing technologies and his passion for pushing boundaries have resulted in many value-added successes for our customers and partners. As our new Technical Director, Matt will lead our technical team. By providing mentorship and guidance, he will continue to foster a culture of technical excellence. With Matt at the helm, we are excited to deliver even more design solutions to support our customers and partners.

How will this change benefit the company, its employees, customers and partners?

These promotions not only recognise and reward the talent within our business. They also reflect our commitment to cultivating a culture of growth and development. By promoting from within to form a new leadership team, we are reinforcing our dedication to provide opportunities for our employees to excel and thrive. Many long standing employees here at Unifabs have trained and worked their way up through a number of positions. This provides a deep understanding of the business’s operations, and a sound knowledge of the services we provide. These advancements will inspire and motivate our team, creating a positive work environment that fosters collaboration and excellence.

Moreover, the collective expertise and leadership of our newly promoted directors will result in significant benefits for our customers. We are confident that our sales strategies, production processes, and focus on technical innovation in manufacturing will lead to improved customer service, stronger partnerships, and even more solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Jason Austin, Unifabs Chief Executive said “We extend our sincere congratulations to Andy, Jarek, and Matt for their well-deserved promotions. Their achievements are testament to their hard work, dedication, and exceptional skills. We have full confidence in their ability to excel and make an even greater impact within the business now that they form part of the leadership team”.

Andy Tuck, Sales Director responded in regards to the changes to roles, “we assure you that despite the changes in job titles, our commitment to providing excellent service and support remains unchanged. We invite customers, partners and employees alike to reach out for any clarification or assistance. We are as eager as ever to collaborate and support your needs.

Commitment to growth

These promotions to Director level are not just a celebration of individual successes, but a reflection of our commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and growth. We are excited by the immense positive impact they will have on our company, employees, and stakeholders. As we look to the future, we are confident in the continued success of our team and the solutions we will deliver.


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