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Service milestone reached for Sheet Metal Centre Supervisor

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

Posted in Team | Posted by Dan Robins

Unifabs recently recognised Mateusz for reaching his 15 year service milestone with the company.

Unifabs recently celebrated 15 years in business. This milestone also represents a special anniversary for a number of employees who have been with the company from the beginning. The first of which to celebrate this impressive service milestone is Mateusz. 

Mateusz has been with the business since its incorporation in 2007. Initially he joined the company as a labourer with no experience of sheet metal manufacturing. Since then, Mateusz has gained a wealth of experience in sheet metal fabrication, having held a number of roles over the years.

Jarek Gasiorek, Production Manager (pictured left with Mateusz), had the pleasure of congratulating him by presenting a gift on behalf of the company. Jarek commented “It is with pleasure that we can recognise and reward Mateusz for his achievement. He has played an important role in the growth of the company over the past 15 years for which we are grateful.”

From labourer to Sheet Metal Centre Supervisor

Mateusz started his career at Unifabs as an unskilled labourer. His potential was soon recognised, and he was offered the opportunity to train as a welder. After a number of years in welding, Mateusz was then encouraged to move into a more senior role. Here he took on leadership responsibilities as a night shift supervisor. Four years later Mateusz was promoted again. Today he supervises the Sheet Metal Centre shifts ensuring everything runs smoothly. His vast knowledge of sheet metal programming and cutting machinery makes him a valuable member of the Unifabs team. We truly value his ability to ensure everything is running to schedule.

15 years’ growth

September 2022 marked an important anniversary for the business. Mateusz joins a number of other employees in this exclusive club. Tom James, Managing Director, said “to have someone who has grown so much personally and professionally within the business is of great benefit. It is testament to the way Unifabs develops its employees. Ultimately what allows the business to grow is its people. A strong, dedicated and skilled workforce is key, and it enables us to provide the vast range of manufacturing services that we offer. Thank you for the dedication you have shown, and which you continue to display on a daily basis”.


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