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Sheet metal manufacturer gains Living Wage accreditation

Unifabs, a British sheet metal manufacturer and fabrication company, is pleased to announce they have become an accredited Living Wage employer. Unifabs has joined over 9000 other businesses in the UK who believe their staff deserve a wage which meets everyday needs.

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Posted in Team | Posted by Dan Robins

Unifabs Limited, a British sheet metal manufacturer and fabrication company, is pleased to announce we are an accredited Living Wage employer. We join over 9000 other businesses who believe their staff deserve a wage which meets everyday needs.

Managing Director, Jason Austin said of the accreditation, “We believe that people deserve a fair rate of pay, one that meets the cost of living. And, today I am pleased to announce that Unifabs has committed to providing the Living Wage as a minimum to all of our employees and subcontractors. We are proud to join a host of other UK employers, from large multinational businesses and well known brands, to other independent British companies like us, in making this pledge to our employees.” 


The Living Wage Foundation explains this on their website as the real cost of living. This is independently-calculated and based on what people need to have a fair standard of living. It is set annually in November following a thorough analysis. Paying the Living Wage is a voluntary commitment by an employer, it is not set by law.

The current real Living Wage is set at £9.90 across the UK, with the exception of London. A higher rate of £11.05 is set in the capital to reflect the greater cost of living experienced there. This rate was set for the year 2021/2022, a rise of 40p on the previous year. This represents a larger increase in the Living Wage than seen in many previous years since the introduction of the campaign. A true reflection of the higher living costs currently being experienced across the UK. 

The Living Wage is not to be confused with the ‘National Living Wage’ which is the higher minimum wage rate for those over 23 years of age. This is set by law, and takes into account what is affordable for businesses, currently £8.91. The minimum wage for under 23’s is currently £8.36, significantly lower than the Living Wage.     


Put simply, no Unifabs employee will receive less than the real Living Wage. This accreditation exhibits a commitment from the business to ensure employees earn enough to have a fair standard of living. 

Jason explains “We strongly believe in supporting our employees, and paying them a fair wage for the skill-set they bring to the business. Retaining our employees ensures the business remains stable, profitable and drives growth. As a sheet metal manufacturer and fabrication company, many employees are highly skilled, trained and qualified. The unskilled workforce however, and those still in training may see an impact from this pledge. And, it represents our ongoing commitment to them, their wellbeing and that of their families.”

Unifabs is a rapidly growing sheet metal manufacturer and we pride ourselves on our exceptional employees, and doing right by them. Check out our careers page for the latest vacancies. If you’d like to join a company that cares about paying a fair wage for all, contact us at jobs@unifabs.eu.


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