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Welding services support replica time machine project

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

Posted in Investment | Posted by Dan Robins

Bablake School ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean refurbishment project features on BBC Midlands Today! 

Technical Manager Matt Grealy attended the filming to represent Unifabs Ltd as a sponsor of the project. Unifabs has supported Bablake’s project through provision of welding services on parts for the replica DeLorean. 

A former Bablake pupil himself, Matt said of the project “it’s a great learning opportunity; unique projects like these make a real impact. It is opportunities like these that end up generating the engineers of the future. Inspiring a new generation is something we are more than happy to be a part of at Unifabs”. 

Making a difference

The teachers and students interviewed spoke to the BBC reporter about the educational and personal impact that these types of special projects provide. Working on the DeLorean offers students the chance to learn new things. By contributing they are developing their design and technology skills. Concurrently they are gaining a deeper understanding of engineering. For example, the students are learning traditional hand and model making and using some new technologies to develop parts for the replica car.

In addition to learning new skills in the classroom that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to learn, the project is also generating unique life experiences. It isn’t every day that you get interviewed by the BBC!  

Follow bablakedelorean on Instagram to keep track of their progress! Check out the gallery images to see some welding services provided.



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